SUCCESS COACH: Supporting student growth and achievement

Every student deserves a champion, and we believe that every student is one caring adult away from being a success story. In order to support our students, we have established a quality support program to ensure that each student has at least one caring adult serving as their mentor. We call these mentors success coaches. 

Our students meet with their success coach on a regular basis to evaluate their progress, set goals, and develop better study habits. Also, the success coach regularly communicates with parents about their student's progress and growth. Students are usually assigned to the same success coach during their entire time at Career Path High. This means that the student, parents, and success coach develop a stronger support and communication process over time.

As part of this mentoring program, CPH students are enrolled in a course called Learning Strategies. This course is taught by their success coach.  This course covers topics to help students develop skills and explore ideas to help them be successful on their individual path.

Launch and Landing Time

Twice a day, students meet with their grade level peers to focus their day and set goals. We call these Launch and Landing Time.

  • Launch Time: Before we start instruction in the morning, we gather with our students in order to prepare them for the day. We follow a set routine that begins with the Pledge of Allegiance and ends with students creating their study plans for the day. Our goal is that through this process our students will develop better and more thoughtful learning practices and habits
    • Pledge of Allegiance: We begin each day with an opportunity for our students and staff to recite the pledge of allegiance during launch time. We instruct CPH students that the Pledge of Allegiance is voluntary and not compulsory; it is acceptable for an individual to choose not to participate in the Pledge of Allegiance for religious, or other reasons. As a community of learners, we show respect for all individuals regardless of their participation in the Pledge of Allegiance. We instruct our students on the history of the flag, etiquette, customs pertaining to the display and use of the flag, and other patriotic exercises as provided by 4 U.S.C. Secs. 1-10 and as required by UCS 55G-10-3.
    • Greeting: It is important for each student to be greeted and recognized each morning to ensure that each student feels a part of the community from the beginning of the day.
  • Landing Time: At the end of the day, we meet for Landing Time. We begin this session by reciting our Touchstone. We take time to celebrate the successes of the day and refresh our goals and plans to extend our learning.