Career Path High


Why Career Path High?

Because you want more than just a diploma upon high school graduation. You want the skills and training necessary to be job ready and to command a competitive salary right out of high school!

What is Career Path High?

Career Path High is a Blended Learning Early College Charter High School – the first of it’s kind in Utah! Charter schools are public schools and are part of the Utah public education system. Career Path High was authorized by the Davis Technical College (Davis Tech), an a Institution of Higher Education, and approved by the Utah State Board of Education on February 8, 2013.

Who can attend Career Path High?

Career Path High is a public high school serving students in grades 9-12. Like all public schools, charters are open to every student regardless of race, religion, academic ability, or special needs. Charter schools provide students and their parents with choices and options that may better fit their individual needs and learning styles. Unlike traditional public schools, charters have no enrollment boundaries. We welcome all students!

Do students pay tuition to attend Career Path High

No. We are a tuition-free, publicly funded school.

Where is Career Path High located?

Career Path High is located within the Davis Technical College Campus in Kaysville, Utah. We have a Learning Center instead of a traditional high school facility. 

The power of our blended model comes from having our high school located inside an Institution of Higher Education. This allows our students to move seamlessly between the Learning Center and their Davis Tech Career and Technical Programs. 

In addition to having the flexibility to work at home or remotely, students will attend a nurturing Learning Center with state-of-the art facilities.


Can you tell me more about the Career Path High model?

Our blended learning model removes restrictions and limitations that formerly have been defined by bell schedules and seat-time requirements of traditional models. 

The Flex model we have adopted will empower students over their own personalized learning path in a way that allows them to enroll in college while simultaneously attending high school. Our team of highly qualified teachers will get to know each student’s individualized learning style and academic needs. Through one-to-one interaction and rich data that informs instruction, teachers are able to constantly monitor progress and adjust student instruction accordingly. 

With our model, the teachers role is transcended. Rather than spending their time delivering the curriculum in traditional classroom style the curriculum is delivered online, freeing up the teacher to provide mentoring and tutoring to students both individually and in groups. 

Our model combines online learning with interactions in face-to-face settings with teachers and administrators. Blended learning provides control over time, place, path and pace and allows students to take charge of their own learning. The flexibility of this model is essential for allowing our students to successfully obtain both their high school diploma and a Career and Technical Certification upon graduation.

How do I find out what qualifications teachers hold?

Parents have the right to request and receive information on the qualifications of teachers. If you have any questions or want more information, please contact the school director.

Where do I find school grade and assessment results?

The Utah State Board of Education (USBE) publishes assessment results and school grades on the Data Gateway. Please visit their website for our results: USBE Data Gateway

Does the school assign a computer for student use?

Yes. Because of the technology rich nature of our school, all students will be issued a laptop that travels with them to allow them to engage in their coursework anytime, anywhere. Laptops are school property and may only be used for school purposes

How does the Career Path High Learning Center work?

At Career Path High we are reinventing secondary education! We are not a traditional high school. We do not operate in a traditional setting of classrooms and bell schedules. 

Instead, Career Path High has a Learning Center. This is a place where students may come for a variety of purposes; including but not limited to face-to-face instruction with teachers, peer-to-peer collaboration, project-based learning, scheduled teacher instruction, presentations, tutoring, club meetings or simply because they prefer the atmosphere of the Learning Center to do their online coursework and to socialize with other students.

Do students attend the Learning Center every day?

No. Our blended learning model and online curriculum provide maximum flexibility over time, place, path and pace. As students exercise personal responsibility, they are empowered over their own learning style. This means students can work anywhere as long as they are staying on pace with their coursework. If they prefer to work primarily at home, they can. 

If the teacher becomes concerned with a student’s progress, they may require that student to be at the Learning Center for scheduled periods of time. If students prefer to work primarily in the Learning Center, they can.

How do students access their teachers when they are not in the Learning Center?

At Career Path High the role of the teacher changes from a primary focus on synchronous curriculum delivery to a focus on individualized instruction customized to every student. Teachers will have regularly scheduled office hours daily. Whether remotely or in person at the Learning Center, students will be able to access their teachers during those times. Teachers will be available to assist students individually in a variety of ways using both technology and face-to-face instruction.

How will parents/guardians be notified of their student's progress and grades?

At Career Path High we consider parents/guardians to be partners in their student’s education! Through our technology they will be able to log in and view their student’s performance in real-time. Parents will have direct access to their student’s academic information through their Oddyseyware observer account. This will provide them with an up-to-date overview of their student’s grades and progress in every course. Progress Reports will be mailed to parents/guardians at the end of each quarter and will be provided at regularly scheduled Parent Teacher Conferences. Go HERE to visit the State’s Accountability website.

Can you tell me more about the Early College aspect of Career Path High?

Our students will enroll in a chosen Career and Technical Program offered by the Davis Tech. That college experience will enhance their high school learning and make it more meaningful. All course work, whether hands-on or online, will help students progress toward completion, mastery, certification and job placement. Students are expected to graduate from Career Path High with a high school diploma and a completed industry-based technical certificate. We believe that the right blend of digital curriculum, high school and Davis Tech hands-on mentored training, and appropriate use of technology will give students a personalized pathway to a diploma and career certification that leads to job placement in Utah’s modern work force with a higher wage and greater success in college.

  • Our students will be located on the Davis Tech campus and simultaneously immersed in a high school and college track while experiencing a college environment.

  • Our students will be given the unique opportunity to access a 21st century college model with “state-of-the-art facilities”, lab environments, and Davis Tech’s schools of expertise.

  • Our student’s learning will be competency-based, allowing maximum flexibility to work on their own path and at their own pace to coincide with the career and educational pathways and the college experience of the Davis Technical College.

  • Our students will be provided with an accelerated track to both career placement and college.