Welcome to our Winter

Parent Teacher Conferences

We are pleased to offer hybrid parent teacher conferences this fall on Wednesday, January 17th from 4-6:30 PM!

Here some quick details:

  • 4-6:30 PM: Virtual Appointments will be open house style and will be hosted by teachers in their virtual Zoom Meeting Rooms.
  • Parents will be admitted one at a time from the virtual waiting rooms on a first-come-first-served basis

Access Virtual Appointments

Mr. Amrine Mr. Amrine

Mr. Amrine

Geography & World History

Mrs. Benzion Mrs. Benzion

Mrs. Benzion

Financial Lit & Dig. Business

Ms. Chandler Ms. Chandler

Ms. Chandler

English 9 & 10

Mr. Epperson Mr. Epperson

Mr. Epperson

Special Education Director

Mrs. Guerra Mrs. Guerra

Mrs. Guerra

Math of Personal Fin.

Ms. Hammond Ms. Hammond

Ms. Hammond

Special Education

Mr. Haslem Mr. Haslem

Mr. Haslem

Eng 12 & Sen. Seminar

Mr. King Mr. King

Mr. King

Earth Sci & Astro

Mrs. MacDonald Mrs. MacDonald

Mrs. MacDonald

English 11

Mrs. Perkins Mrs. Perkins

Mrs. Perkins

PE, Health, Career Explorations

Mr. Roberts Mr. Roberts

Mr. Roberts

US History, Gov, and ACT

Mrs. Thornton Mrs. Thornton

Mrs. Thornton

Math I & III

Mr. Uriona Mr. Uriona

Mr. Uriona

Biology & Meteorology

Watts Watts


Fine Arts

Mrs. Wilson Mrs. Wilson

Mrs. Wilson

Math II