Graduation Requirements

Standard Diploma

  • Required credits: 24

Career Diploma

  • Required credits: 24 min.
  • Earn Career & Technical Certification

Advanced Career Diploma

  • Required credits: 27 or higher
  • Earn Career & Technical Certification
    • Students who complete the Career & Technical Certification Program will receive a high school diploma that will identify the students Davis Tech Career Path of Study: “With an emphasis in ______________ from the School of _____________

Davis Tech Enrollment

As a Career Path High student, 11th and 12th graders are required to be enrolled in a Career and Technical Program through Davis Tech. Your Davis Tech Program is the mechanism for how you earn your CTE and elective credits required by the State of Utah for a high school diploma. Therefore, it is not optional to be in a program, it is mandatory and constitutes a portion of your necessary high school credits. While all high school students must earn one CTE credit and five and a half elective credits, as a student at Career Path High you have the benefit of earning those credits simultaneously while earning a college Career & Technical Certification!

  • Credits earned satisfy 1.0 required CTE credit and 5.5 required Elective credits.
  • 30 hours = .25 credit (30 Progress hours in a Davis Tech Program transfer to .25 high school credit)
  • Average Program is 900-1200 hrs. (Ex. 900 Davis Tech Progress hours = 7.5 high school credits)
  • Additional credits may be earned/satisfied through Davis Tech courses/hours as accepted and approved by Career Path High Administration.

Statewide Online Education Program

Statewide Online Education Program was established by the Utah Legislature in the 2011 General Session. The program enables eligible students to earn high school graduation credit through the completion of publicly funded online courses. For more information go HERE.

Original Credit

It is the policy of the school that original credit must be earned through Career Path High. Original credit earned through an alternative source must be PRE-APPROVED by both the counselor and administration.