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Please use the links below to pay for your school and activity fees. You can view the fee schedule by clicking below.

2021-2022 Fee Schedule
2022-2023 Fee Schedule

Fee Waiver

Go HERE for the school fee waiver.

School Fees

Go HERE for school fees*
Go HERE to pay for school lunch
Go HERE for computer loss or damage fees
Go HERE for any other miscellaneous fees such as laptop cases ($13 mandatory)

*You can pay for your Davis Tech fees along with your high school student fees. All other program fees are paid directly to the college. Higher education fee schedules are established by the higher education institution.

Credit Recovery

During the school year, credit recovery is subject to approval from administration. Do not prepay for credit recovery until it has been authorized. Students must first meet with the school counselor. 

Go HERE for credit recovery fees

Summer School Credit Recovery

Students may register for summer school credit recovery without approval of administration.

Go HERE for summer school credit recovery fees.

School Issued Computers

All students are issued a Chromebook at the beginning of the school year. Although it isn't a requirement to use a school computer*, it is strongly recommended. School computers have software, tools, and testing browsers set up for our students. We often find that students who use a personal computer have more difficulty communicating with their teachers. 

The use of a school-issued laptop is a privilege, not a right. Please exercise great care in looking after your assigned laptop and charger.

School-issued laptops are for school use and school related content only. We take precautions to block inappropriate and/or distracting websites; however, it is the student's responsibility to adhere to the Computer Use Agreement and all related school policies. Students may lose the privilege of using a school issued computer for violating school policy.

*If in the event you elect to use your personal laptop instead of a school issued laptop provided by Career Path High, the computer use fee will be waived. Students need to be able to bring their computer with them to campus, so a desktop computer is Career Path High will not be responsible for providing hardware tech support for personal computers.