Career Path High
Partnership with Davis Tech

Partnership with Davis Tech

Partnership with Davis Tech

Providing students with a clear path to their future

Students at Career Path High enroll in a college program at Davis Technical College when they are Juniors and Seniors. While students are generating progress in their college programs, they are also earning elective and CTE credit toward’s their high school diploma.  Students who complete their program during high school receive a Career or Advanced Career Diploma.

Career Path High’s partnership with the Higher Education Institution, Davis Technical College (Davis Tech), will create a learning community that empowers students and fosters achievement. Through an optimal blend of virtual instruction and hands-on mentored training, our students will receive a world-class education that prepares them to be strong leaders and contributing citizens. Our model is based on the commitment that every student will graduate with a high school diploma and a pathway to a career through technical certification and/or college. The goal is 100% student placement either in the workforce, an institution of higher education, or continuation in an Technical College program.
  • Students will spend their 9th and 10th grade years exploring their career path opportunities and focusing their academics on becoming college-ready.
  • Every 11th and 12th grade student in Career Path High will be required to maintain enrollment in a Davis Tech technical program for 12 hours per week, resulting in a minimum of 900 hours earned and a Davis Tech program certification upon graduation.
  • Davis Tech enrollment is tuition-free for Career Path High students.
  • Higher Education fee schedules are established by the university system. Additional fees may apply to certain programs.

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