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Mr. Colby


Mr. Colby

Math III, Math of Personal Finance, & Chemistry

Mr. Colby's path to CPH began in the fall of 2001, when he first began teaching math and science to teens.

He knew for certain that teaching would be his career on yearbook day when he was sad that he would miss his students and what they had taught him, including: life has a place for everyone, everyone is different, everyone is the same, learning is easier when it is relevant, tasks are better when they are authentic, laughter makes everything better, and people notice when you care. He has felt the same way every year since, so every year since, he has come back to teaching.

He has taught mostly in alternative settings that were chosen by families because their traditional schools were neither challenging nor supportive enough, intellectually or otherwise. He earned three degrees from the University of Utah.  He likes to write, run, swim, bike, and share points of view. He also likes some of his days to be weekends, most of his meals to include chocolate, and all of his drama to be in movies.