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Blended Flex Model

Blended Flex Model

Blended Flex Model

Using technology and instruction to personalize instruction

Our school utilizes a blended flex model to ensure that students are getting the best education possible. 

Blended learning is anytime an instructor uses technology and face-to-face instruction to teach their students. There are many different approaches to blended learning with varying degrees of tech integration. We use a fully online curriculum to deliver our instruction, and we have full time teachers that are available in our learning center to work with students in person. We also livestream our classes. Our teachers evaluate student needs,  personalize instruction, and provide whole and small group learning opportunities.

Flex models allow students to move through their curriculum at a pace that meets their learning needs. Our platform assigns due dates, but students have choice over which assignments to do first and how long to spend on them. This means that students have the ability to spend more time on challenging concepts and assignments and move more quickly through ones that they have mastered.

"For students lucky enough to have access to great teachers, blended learning can mean even better outcomes..."
-Daphne Koller, Professor at Stanford University