Career Path High
Attendance Expectations

Attendance Expectations

Attendance Expectations

Digital Attendance

Career Path High requires that all students log in to Odysseyware and work on their coursework each school day. Students are marked absent on days when they do not engage in their schoolwork; however, students will receive an attendance override if they have already completed their scheduled assignments for the day.

Learning Center Attendance

Students are welcome to attend the learning center whenever it is open. Upon arriving, students are expected to scan in by using their QR code on their lanyard at the check-in points.

There are many times during the year when students are required to attend the learning center during the school year. Career Path High will send reminders in newsletters of these important dates.

Additionally, students will need to attend the campus in order to take proctored exams. Students should be checking their upcoming assignments and plan their schedule accordingly.


All students are required to attend the learning center for the first few days of the school year. This provides an opportunity for students to meet their teachers, review school policy, and start the year off on the right foot.

Strong Start

All new students to Career Path High will participate in “Strong Start.” Students will attend the Learning Center daily for the first two weeks of their enrollment. At the end of the two week period, the new student will meet with their Success Coach to determine if the student may begin a flexible schedule.

Monthly Class Meetings-Scheduled Learning Opportunities

Once a month, students will gather as a grade level to participate in reviews, labs, projects, and writing assignments. These are regularly scheduled for a specific Friday of every month. The school will send notifications of these events by email.

  • 9th Graders: 1st Fridays of every month
  • 10th Graders: 2nd Fridays of every month
  • 11th Graders: 3rd Fridays of every month
  • 12th Graders: 4th Fridays of every month


Students in grades 9-11 are expected to attend campus for scheduled interim and state testing. The school announce these dates through the school newsletter

Structured Support Plan

Students have a great deal of flexibility with their attendance in the learning center; however, when students fall behind in their coursework the instructional team may place them on an Structured Support Plan (SSP). Part of this plan requires that the student attend specific hours in the learning center.